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Fingerprints services in Israel:

FBI Criminal backgrounds check and Fingerprints services by EMT Israel©

Fingerprinting is required by regulatory authorities in the US, Canada and other countries for several of reasons, mainly for criminal background check as an integral part of the war against world crime.

With the range of our activities in the forensic field, EMT Israel offers two kinds of services:

  1. Taking fingerprints images from applicant in accordance with accepted international regulations using the relevant forms. 

  2. Expedite process (within 2-3 weeks) of all the requirements by the FBI, in order to have the official FBI certificate of criminal background check. 

Fingerprints are taken in accordance with accepted international regulations from Israeli / US / Canada applicants or others who need to apply for government authorities / licensing / adoptions or live work or travel in a foreign country.

The services provided at our locations in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv / Ramat-Gan as well as other locations.

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